About VMM

VMM (also known as Vegetarian & Vegan Matchmakers) has for many years been the leading dating service specially for vegetarians and vegans. It is based in the UK but now has worldwide membership. Since it was established in 1980 its success in bringing people together has been unrivalled. Many VMM members over the years have found romance, got married, raised families.

Over the years VMM has also brought people face to face at social events and introduced them to new friends of both sexes via the VeggyFriend service, an optional extra to our main service.

Why VMM is so good


 It’s Personal

  • VMM is run by vegetarians who understand from personal experience how difficult it is to find a vegetarian or vegan partner in a meat-eating world. We also have many years experience in software and Web site development, and as a result the VMM site is kept up-to-date and regularly enhanced. Unlike many agencies, we have kept our service personal – if you have any difficulty there will be a real person to help and offer advice.


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     It’s Exclusive

    • VMM caters exclusively for vegetarians and vegans. We also welcome ‘aspiring’ vegetarians who have stated that they are in the process of becoming vegetarian and who wish to meet vegetarians to help them take the final step.


     It’s Dynamic

    • We were the first service of its kind in the UK (and probably in the world!) and we haven’t stood still. Our comprehensive members’ Web site enables you to interact with other members wherever they may be, using dynamic services such as email messaging, private instant messaging and much more. Our site makes use of all the recent developments in technology to help you find your veggie soulmate while VMM retains all the traditional services which have established our reputation.


    Who joins VMM

    • VMM members are people who are vegetarians or vegans. Put simply this means that they eat no flesh food or animal by-products such as gelatine. Vegans are strict vegetarians who eat no animal products at all. For our members being vegetarian or vegan is an integral part of their life and it is something they wish to share with a partner and friends. A small number of members are ‘aspiring vegetarians’ that is, they are in the process of becoming vegetarian and wish to meet others who share this aspect of their lives and will perhaps help them on their way. VMM is not for people who say they are vegetarian because they eat an occasional vegetarian meal or who describe themselves as “semi-vegetarian” and intend to stay that way. Naturally we find that our members tend to have certain interests in common such as animal welfare and the environment. Beyond that VMM members are as diverse as any other group of people and come from a wide range of backgrounds.
    • VMM has members of all ages (our minimum age is 18), so whatever your age, you don’t need to feel left out.


    Our promise

    • If we judge that you are at a significant disadvantage because of, for example, your age or location, we can offer advice and in some cases special terms, which may include a period of membership free of charge. In all our dealings with you we adhere to a strict code of practice based on that adopted by the Association of British Introduction Agencies. We are registered under the UK Data Protection Act 1984.


    How to join

    • Joining VMM is very simple. You can find out how to do this, and see details of our membership options, on our how to join page.



    • VMM cannot verify the information contained in members’ personal profiles. VMM accepts the information supplied by its members in good faith and cannot be held responsible for any misunderstandings that may arise as a result of false information having been supplied. It is in members’ own interests to treat initial contact with other members with the same degree of caution as contact with any other unknown persons.We reserve the right to cancel membership in the event of inappropriate behaviour, and no refund will be paid.We reserve the right not to accept a membership application. In the event of an application being rejected, no fees are charged.


      Further terms and conditions are displayed on the online application form.